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The Hunt

The Bronco Treasure Hunt is a new Offroad experience powered by the new Bronco Trail App. NeoTreks has planned  this fun experience for Bronco owners to get outdoors and hunt for prizes.

We are starting with 5 treasure chests hidden in Utah and Colorado. If you are out of the range of this areas, stay tuned for future hunts near you.

Each Treasure chest will have some smaller prizes, and one grand prize to be claimed by whoever solves the clues first and finds the treasure chest.

Sign up now to receive the clues when the Bronco Treasure Hunt begins!


Each chest will contain various Bronco Swag, as well as contain a QR code where you can claim a grand prize.

The grand prize contains several Bronco accessories including an off-road recovery kit, a Bronco cargo area liner, and an RTIC cooler.

Gravel Road into the Forest

Hunt Rules

You must own a 2021-2023 Ford Bronco. Bronco Sport owners do not qualify.

Use of the Bronco Trail App is required in order to find the treasures. Download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Drive only on approved trails. Do not drive off of a trail. 

Treasures are hidden in easily accessible locations. Treasures are not buried. No digging is required or is allowed!

Treasures are hidden within a short walking distance of the trail. 

If at any time you feel at risk or in danger, then you are not in the right place and you should turn around.

Grand prizes will be shipped to the winners. They are not hidden with the treasure. There will be a QR code inside that will have instructions to claim your treasure. You will need a photo of yourself with your Bronco and the treasure chest in order to claim a grand prize.

Limit of one prize per participant or team.

There is no fee required to participate.

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