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Look through our frequently asked questions, if you still have a question, reach out via email.

Who can participate?

This treasure hunt is exclusively for Ford Bronco owners (2021 and newer). You must either own a Bronco, or have a friend or family member with a Bronco to be able to solve the clues. The Bronco Sport will not be eligible for the treasure hunt this year, but may be in future years.

Where will the treasure be hidden?

We have hidden 5 treasure chests in Utah and Colorado. They will be hidden near off-road trails and you will have to solve the clues to find them. The chests will never be buried, and will never be in a dangerous location. 

We are starting with Utah and Colorado, but will expand to more states in 2024.

Where will the treasure NOT be hidden?

We will never bury a treasure chest. Do not dig holes! 

We will not hide a chest in a national or state owned park.

We will not hide a chest on private property or ski resorts.

If you ever feel that you or your vehicle is at risk, you are most likely in the wrong place.

If I don't live in Utah or Colorado can I still participate?

Anyone is welcome to sign up to receive the clues. If you live outside of these two states you are still welcome to try to solve the clues and find the treasure, but it may involve longer travel times. We are aiming to expand to several more states in the near future.

What are the prizes? 

Each treasure box contains several small treasures as well as a grand prize. The grand prize will not be hidden with the box, but will be claimed by the winner through a QR code after we have validated them.

Why can't other vehicles participate?

This treasure hunt requires the use of the Bronco Trail App. This app is currently available to Ford Broncos 2021 and newer, excluding the Sport. If you drive a different off-road vehicle, you may still be able to join in on the fun, but you will need a Bronco owner on your team.

Can I participate as part of a team?

You are welcome to create teams as you would like, but please do not share any clues online. If you join up with a team, remember that there is only one grand prize per chest. 

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